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    Ubuntu 17.10.1 Final Full ISO Direct Download (x64)

    Ubuntu ISO Direct Download

    Ubuntu 17.10 Final ISO : is one of the Linux distribution distributions based on Debian, but differs in several cases with Debian. Ubuntu’s name comes from one of the concepts of South Africa meaning “Humanity Towards Others”. One of the critical points in Ubuntu’s project is the emphasis on access and globalisation. For this reason, this software is available for all nationalities. It’s straightforward to work with, and even unrecognised users can quickly get used to it.

    As Ubuntu is an open-source operating system which has many flavours. For creating digital content, Ubuntu Studio is the best choice. It is specially designed for graphics artists, musicians, and other multimedia creators. A friendly interface with Xfce desktop environment makes it very convenient for the users to get what they want. Ubuntu is a stable and a very steady release which can also perform all the necessary tasks. It has a very low latency kernel and can come for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

    Ubuntu Artful Aardvark 17.10 ISO Features :

    • Automatic security update
    • Defend against viruses and malware
    • Anti-phishing technology
    • File encryption
    • Protect password
    • Easy to use
    • Create documents, spreadsheets and professional presentations
    • Compatible with Microsoft Office
    • Access to emails, address book and calendar with Thunderbird
    • Manage email accounts and chat
    • Manage, edit and share your photos and videos
    • Super support for cameras and cell phones
    • -Ability to open and select files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and share them fast and easy with other users.
    • Very nice user interface
    • Access to thousands of free software with topics of books and magazines, programming and development tools, training, fonts, games, graphics, internet, office, engineering and science, audio and video, system, shell and applications.
    • Compatibility with all types of devices
    • Ultra high speed and security
    • Speed and security on Internet browsing
    • Supports various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and …
    • Run, create and edit MP3s, play music on PC or mobile

    Ubuntu 17.10 Offline Full ISO

    Ubuntu 17.10 Offline Full ISO

    As you might be already knowing, this Ubuntu release is the first ISO image to ship without Unity desktop environment after many years. Now, Ubuntu’s default and flagship edition are based on GNOME desktop environment with few tweaks made by Canonical’s desktop team. Click the below link to download the standalone Live DVD image of Ubuntu Studio 16.10 for Windows x86 and x64 architecture. It is highly modified to provide a very lightweight environment.

    System Requirements Of Ubuntu 17.10 For PC

    • 2 GHz dual-core processor
    • 2 GiB RAM (system memory)
    • 25 GB of hard-drive space (or USB stick, memory card or external drive but see LiveCD for an alternative approach)
    • VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution
    • Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
    • Internet access is helpful

    Ubuntu 17 Full Version ISO Direct Download

    Ubuntu 17.10.1 Final Full ISO Direct Download (x64)

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